Step 3. Plugin configuration

Plugin configuration is actioned by the vendors themselves by going to Settings →Connections →Channel manager→Selecting your plugin from the provided list →Configure plugin on Bókun extranet.

Configuration action is the process of setting values to the parameters, specified in the plugin definition retrieved earlier.

When configuring, extranet UI will present the list of configuration parameters, expressed as form fields - as instructed by the plugin (see Step 2: retrieval of plugin definition for more details). Form field(s) may be left empty only if relevant configuration parameter has required attribute set to false. Fields should also comply to the specified data type.

There is no call made to the plugin upon configuration.

Every subsequent API client call (except getDefinition) will send the configured set of name/value parameters with each request.

This is the first step of getting the API integration done. Plugin can not be registered in Bókun (not even test environment) if getDefinition call is not implemented.

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