Handling booking failures

As mentioned above, booking confirmations (if plugin supports two step booking process and relevant reservation had already succeeded) or reserve&confirm calls (if plugin only supports one step and availability checks had succeeded) are not expected to fail. High failure rates might result plugin disconnect from Bókun platform.

Below is a sample of how a failed/mismatched booking would look like on Bókun extranet:

If plugin fails a booking under the conditions listed above, the vendor who owns the plugin configuration is responsible for rectification. This includes:

  • Ensuring the customer is informed about the booking, or booking cancellation
  • Ensuring the OTA (if this is OTA booking) is informed about the final status of the booking

Troubleshooting failed bookings

Booking page is a good place to start in order to find out what happened with the booking. The page contains booking creation time (in UTC time zone) which is a good reference point.

The next step is to look at the Audit Trail tab which contains timed sequence of events pertaining to this booking. If the booking had failed because of an error coming from the Channel manager plugin, the error will look like as follows:

You can click on the error expand it as the details might capture further details of the failure. However, the next step would be to check your system logs for this particular time to find the actual cause.

In case if you are unable to find any traces, you can contact our support as a last resort to resolve the issue.

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